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Booking Terms and Conditions

I agree that, in the event of any problem arising during my holiday, I will contact the local management company. Failure to do so will result in no liability being accepted in respect of subsequent claims received.

I certify on behalf of the persons included on this booking form that I am authorised to make this booking.


I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of rental as set out on the website here.

Please arrange for the deposit to be made to the relevant bank account depending on your chosen currency as the booking cannot be confirmed until this is paid:

For GBP £

National Westminster Bank
Sort Code : 55-70-13
Account No : 71698507

For USD $ 

Please contact us for details

I agree to pay the balance + refundable security deposit in full no later than twelve weeks prior to my arrival date unless another date has been agreed with the owners.

For your own records you can download the full rental terms and conditions here

Privacy Statement and use of Personal Data

  • Any information provided to us by those making enquiries or visitors to our web site, or for example, those customers completing on-line booking forms or submitting their email address or other contact information, will be used solely for the purpose of renting.

  • We will not pass your details on to any other agencies or third parties, except those specifically involved with providing customer services in conjunction with your rental of the villa.

  • We will respect the privacy of all of our clients at all times.

Thank you for booking the BigDisneyVilla.  We hope you have a wonderful stay.

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